Great minds see beauty in disorder, creativity in chaos, confidence in a crowded alleyway. And great minds delivered CALLE, creating the first ever urban lifestyle brand with a unique niche in street soccer. The founders obtained inspiration for the brand from their travels around the world where they would play "calle" or street soccer with the local kids in the favelas and barrios; where the world's best people are born. CALLE [KAI-yay]-meaning "street" in Spanish- bears two massively iconic logos that you will soon see in the streets; the CALLE logotype and the Pigeon. From Los Angeles to Barcelona, Sao Paulo to Seoul, every great city is filled with pigeons wandering the "streets" and living off the available. Kinda like us... A very literal movement in the sense that the world's youth are partnering with CALLE to create positives in a negative world, the brand is much more than a cool logo on a jersey tee. Our callejeros, or "street people" in Spanish, supply the bulk of the product ideas, market the brand in their own ways, and guerrilla tactic the product onto shelves in their own city. Suits would be terrified of such anarchy within the brand. It's our caviar.


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